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James Clerk Maxwell’s burial place at Parton           Post code DG7 3NE,  OS Grid Ref NX69831 69896,   55.008N 4.042W

JCM Grave

Above: The Clerk Maxwell family gravestone.

Right: This memorial plaque stands on a green in front of the Parish Church, beside the Parton war memorial. 
It was unveiled in 1989, thanks largely to the efforts of the late Sam Callander of Parton.    

Parton Kirk

James Clerk Maxwell is buried, with his parents and his wife, within the ruins of the Old Kirk (1592) which lies in the graveyard of Parton Parish Church (1834).  (The Old Kirk can be seen, upper left, in the photo above.)  Parton is about 7 miles by road from JCM’s home at Glenlair.

Parton Memorial
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