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Maxwell-Mackinnon-Macneill Scholarships

For many years the Foundation has given scholarships, in conjunction with the Mackinnon-Macneill Trust, for very highly graded Scottish students whose parents would struggle financially to pay to send them to university. These scholarships are highly competitive and the students have to attain top A's in their Highers or Advanced Highers in scientific (STEM) subjects. As an example of the high standard achieved by these scholars, our 2016 Scholar received a first-class honours degree from Edinburgh University and is now doing her PhD at Oxford University. These Scholars are traditionally invited for a tour of 14 India Street and for a light lunch to meet the JCMF Chair and Secretary and other trustees. The Foundation sends the Scholars a copy of the Maxwell Newsletter.

Further information about the scholarships can be found on the Mackinnon-Macneill Trust website.

From Recent Scholars

Scholar, Heather T.

The financial support I have received from the MacKinnon-Macneill Trust, jointly with the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation, has allowed me to focus far more on my studies during my first year of university and worry less about my living costs. Along with this, the Maxwell Newsletters I receive from the Foundation are extremely interesting to find out more about different revolutions in STEM and what the Foundation focuses on. I am very grateful for the continued support from both the Trust and the Foundation throughout my studies and I look forward to showing how my financial flexibility allows me to excel during the rest of my university career and beyond. (July 2021)

Scholar, Joshua B.

The James Clerk Maxwell Foundation and Mackinnon-Macneill Trust have drastically improved my experience as a physics undergraduate. It is a sad fact that many students now are forced to work jobs on top of full-time education - my scholarship has given me the freedom and ability to dedicate myself to understanding the works and legacies of those such as Maxwell. I wish to extend my gratitude to those involved in the Foundation and associated Trusts that continue to contribute funds to those interested in greater things. (July 2021)

The JCM Foundation is a charity formed in Scotland in 1977. (Registered Charity SC015003)
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