Maxwell's Father, John Clerk

Frances & Jane Cay

Maxwell as Puck


James Clerk Maxwell - as a boy


Maxwell aged about 12 years

James Clerk Maxwell ~1854

JCM with colour top

James Clerk Maxwell - aged about 30

JCM aged in 30s

James Clerk Maxwell standing

James Clerk Maxwell

JCM aged in 40s (1)

James Clerk Maxwell standing 2

JCM reading

James Clerk Maxwell in his 40s (2)

Mr and Mrs James Clerk Maxwell - unknown artist1

Mr and Mrs James Clerk Maxwell

Mrs Clerk Maxwell

Mrs Clerk Maxwell

Maxwell's Cousin, Jemima Clerk

Maxwell's Cousin, Major General Henry Clerk

Maxwell's Cousin, William Dyce Cay

Maxwell's Cousin, Charles Hope Cay

Maxwell's Uncle, Sir George Clerk

Maxwell's Great Uncle, Sir John Clerk


Glenlair c

Glenlair distant view

Glenlair front elevation

Glenlair in ruins

Glenlair in ruins (distant)

Peter Guthrie Tait

P. G. Tait

Mrs Peter Guthrie Tait

William Garnett


Fleeming Jenkin



Maxwell's home at Glenlair

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