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Affiliates and Links

The Foundation's working links with other organizations

RSE-Royal Society of Edinburgh The foundation offers lectures to primary and secondary schools in parallel with RSE initiative.

IEEE/RSE James Clerk Maxwell Award The IEEE/RSE James Clerk Maxwell Award, established in 2006, recognizes groundbreaking contributions that have had an exceptional impact on the development of electronics and electrical engineering, or related fields.

Cavendish Laboratory The Cavendish labs kindly lends Clerk Maxwell experimental apparatus for exhibitions arranged by the foundation.

Institution of Civil Engineers In view of Clerk Maxwell basic contributions to civil and structural engineering, collaboration takes place with local branches of the Institutions in providing a place for meetings and in providing a Clerk Maxwell lecture.

Institute of Physics The Foundation gives presentations to primary and secondary schools in Scotland in collaboration with the Institute of Physics (Scottish branch). The history of Science Group of the Institute hold symposiums from time to time in the birthplace.

The Clerk Maxwell Cancer Research Fund In view of Clerk Maxwell's discovery of the Electromagnetic Spectrum and its growing importance in cancer therapy, a research fund has been established on the initiative of the oncologists at the Western Infirmary, Edinburgh, for research into the use of electromagnetic radiation from lasers to gamma rays in the diagnosis palliation and cure of cancer.

Other James Clerk Maxwell related links

The following links to external sites are provided as a convenience, and do not imply endorsement by the Foundation.

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James Clerk Maxwell at Wikepedia "The Free Encyclopedia"

James Clerk Maxwell at The Victorian Web

Dr. James C. Rautio's Maxwell pages (includes a downloadable pdf version of the Lewis Campbell & William Garnett biography)

The Maxwell at Glenlair Trust - (Maxwell's family home)

The Electromagnetic Field & Clerk Maxwell-Albert Einstein

Matter and Motion J. Clerk Maxwell

Museum of Communication Burntisland (Scottish museum on the development of communications systems we take for granted)

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